Project partner

Ålands Sjöräddningssällskap

Åland Islands Lifeboat Society (ÅSRS) is a charity organisation, organising volunteer search and rescue missions within Åland islands. It recently celebrated its 50 years of maritime rescue activities, averaging some 150 missions per year.

ÅSRS also carries out preventive work, by organising education activities for schoolchildren &  distributing information to port visitors. The local rescue stations and small ports actively cooperate.


Åland Islands Lifeboat Society (ÅSRS) often cooperates with The Finnish Lifeboat Institution & The Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

Together with Åland Yacht Club they have ensured the security of major sailing events & the escort of pleasure boats. They also handled the safety of visiting Tall Ship Race ships (1988, 2007).

However, a growing need for increased maritime safety is felt.  By carrying out various studies, in cooperation with a few local pilot ports, ÅSRS hopes to address these shortcomings.

The development of tourism to the islands lies at the heart of this project

Lead partner

Hiiu vallavalitsus

Municipality of Hiiu has been involved in the development of small ports (Kõrgessaare, Kalana, Lehtma, Kärdla), is the founder / owner of Kärdla & Kõrgessaare ports & 27 berth places.

Hiiu cooperates tightly with the islands of Saaremaa, Muhu and Kihnu. They share the common interest of creating sea connections & tourism, small ports network, high quality services in the ports & the development of voluntary maritime rescue units.


In 2012 the municipality supported the founding of Hiiu voluntary maritime rescue organisation and many officials are members.

In 2014 the municipality gave a small 4m boat to volunteers to organise preventive activities in the ports. Voluntary maritime rescue organisations of the islands have regular joint trainings, SAR exercises and preventive activities.

Possible cooperation between Hiiumaa and Åland maritime rescue organisations have been planned from 2013. The project will support cooperation of voluntary maritime rescue organisations with small ports and develop the level of safety in these ports.

Municipality of Hiiu will coordinate mapping, planning, training and all joint activities with Hiiumaa, Saaremaa, Muhu and Kihnu pilot ports and voluntary maritime rescue organisations. Municipality of Hiiu will invest into development of Kõrgessaare and Kärdla port services. These results will be used in other ports in the Hiiumaa region after the end of the project.